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A Guide to Sitges Gay Pride: Spain’s Top Gay Destination

Sitges is a gorgeous beach town just south of Barcelona and converts into one of the best coastal party scenes during it’s annual gay pride.

Sitges City Guide

Sitges is one of our favorite spots in all of Spain. Just 40 minutes south of Barcelona by train, this little town is a must see when in the Catalonia capital either for a day trip or even staying a for a few nights. For a small town, the nightlife is fantastic and reminiscent of Lisbon’s drinking-in-the-street style outside of the local bars. There’s also plenty of shopping to do, long stretches of beaches to tan on, and a slew of restaurants to choose from. Everything is centrally located and easily walkable or accessible via bike. 

Gay Pride Events

Sitges Gay Pride is a super organized annual affair – in fact, they’ve already got their gay pride week dates planned for next year! – with a fantastic lineup of events and performances. Events run from Thursday to Monday and include T dances, drag shows, pool parties, a high heel race, various music performances and DJs, themed club parties and of course, the parade which takes place on Sunday afternoon.


The parade route follows the coast for a beautiful beachfront backdrop. It has a great turn out with very energetic participants and spectators. The floats are quite elaborate and the music matched the energy of the crowd. Though it’s not a particularly large parade, it feels bigger than it is for the small town.


Muscle. There’s a lot of fit men at this event and not nearly as many women. It also seems that there are just an many foreigners than Spaniards, if not more. As for the age range Sitges, Spain is generally known to attract an older gay crowd throughout the year, but Sitges Pride brings about older and younger alike.


Prices for Sitges Pride are mix of reasonable and a bit pricey. At the Pride village, food and drinks prices aren’t bad with beer going for €3, cocktails at €7, and a bocadillo (sandwich) at €4 to give an idea. However, the entrance to the official parties range from €15 to €25 each, but for as well organized as these events are and the first drink included with the entrance, it’s really not a bad deal. Pride village is free and if you want to save the money on club entrances, there are plenty of bars that don’t charge entrance and stay busy all weekend long. 

What makes it unique?

Sitges is a smaller Pride that feels larger than it is.The previous year it attracted 40,000 attendees and though that’s nothing compared to Madrid’s 2 million, it’s quite impressive for a town with a population of less than 30,000 inhabitants. As it brings in a lot of foreigners, the entire program was bilingual (Spanish & English) if not trilingual (French) and surprisingly, almost never Catalan. Another great feature of this Pride is that the Pride Village is in a great spot along the beaches of Sitges.

Sitges Gay Scene

The gay scene in Sitges is remarkable. It’s one of the top gay destinations in Spain year round and perhaps even too gay-friendly – if there’s such a thing! – during Pride. Sure you can go to the official Sitges gay beach (Playa De la Bassa Rodona) to tan, but any beach you choose is going to be gay-friendly. The nightlife is also incredible with plenty of gay bars and clubs to rival Barcelona’s E’xaimple.


Sitges Pride is young having only celebrated it’s fourth Pride in 2014. However, with it’s great turnout and well planned itinerary, you’d think it’s been going on for decades. 


Stay in the center or walking distance to the center of Sitges. It’s a walking town, so you’ll never need a taxi if you’re centrally located. Book your place ahead of time if you’re on a budget because places get booked quickly during Pride, though there are plenty of accommodations. The Pride Village is a bit small, but the performances are really good so don’t miss them. If you rent an apartment or book a hotel with a beach view along Passeig Marítim, you’ll be able to watch the parade from your balcony. As for visiting Sitges outside of Pride, it’s more than a day trip destination so plan to stay a night or two and really soak it in.